Our story


Being of Indian origin, spices have always been part of my cooking - they are the perfect and healthy way to add amazing flavours to your food.

I know that busy lifestyles can make it hard to cook healthy, tasty meals for all the family – especially if some in the family have food allergies and intolerances (my husband and daughter are intolerant to gluten and dairy).

It was a challenge to find something in the shops that combines healthy meals, great taste and convenience.  

Most shop bought marinades are high in fat & sugar, contain gluten & dairy and sometimes even harmful additives. I was shocked to realise that some brands of tandoori spices use food colouring and additives (E102 and E124) which have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children!

I also realised that the powdered spices we normally buy are pale imitations of the real thing. Spices are like coffee beans - nothing compares to the taste and aroma of freshly roasted and ground. 

So I was inspired to create my own marinades with mojo: all-natural marinades with freshly roasted and ground spices for scrumptious flavours.

With Ambu Tree, I aim to achieve the 'nirvana' of great taste, health and convenience:

  • Taste & freshness - We use freshly roasted and ground spices to pack in amazing flavours. All our marinades are chilled to ensure maximum freshness when you use them.
  • Healthy - Only 20 calories per serving, no added oils, gluten free and dairy free. The tandoori marinades contain no added sugar whilst the Chinese five spice contains a healthy agave nectar (suitable for diabetics and vegans).
  • Convenient & versatile - Extremely simple to use. No need to marinate in advance. In addition to being used as marinades, the tandoori marinades can also be used as curry pastes and the Chinese five spice marinade can be diluted with water to create a stir fry sauce. 

I hope these marinades make your life tastier, healthier and easier.


Priya x



Why ‘Ambu Tree’?

Ambu is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘mango’.

I have fond memories of playing under the shade of the Ambu Tree in the gardens of my grandfather’s home in India. The easy carefree nature of those summer afternoons, the warmth of the sunshine and the aromas of fresh spices from the kitchen.…

To me, Ambu Tree represents natural foods, warmed by the use of spices and made easy-to-use for modern day living.

['The Ambu Tree' plate pictured above was especially designed and hand-painted on porcelain by Manju Sinha]