Top tips

1.   How spicy do you like it?

    • Mix the mild and spicy tandoori marinades together in different quantities to tailor the chilli kick exactly how you like it. For medium hot, try equal quantities of mild and spicy mixed together!
    • Add chilli powder to the mild tandoori marinade to give it a little chilli kick or add to the spicy tandoori marinade if you like it extra hot.
    • Give the slightly sweet taste of the Chinese five spice marinade a little spicy kick by adding chilli powder to the marinade or sprinkling some chilli flakes on top of the food before cooking.
    • If you like it extra mild, add less marinade than stated in recipe or for tandoori marinades you can also add yoghurt.

2.  Our marinades are versatile - 1) use straight from the pot as a marinade 2) add water to the Chinese five spice marinade to create a stir fry sauce 3) use the tandoori marinades as a curry paste.

3. Marinades are perfect for BBQs! But marinades can burn, so remember to BBQ on low heat.

4.  An easy way to make good use of leftover marinade - mix marinade with fresh, raw chicken / pork and freeze. Make sure to defrost marinated meats thoroughly before cooking.

5.   You can cook with marinades straight out of the pot. But for deeper flavours, leave to marinate for a few hours (up to 12 hours for meats, 3-4 hours for fish).

6.   For large pieces of chicken, pork or duck, cut slashes in the meat before marinading to allow all the flavours to seep inside.

7.   When grilling and roasting chicken, duck or fish, place on a grill rack to allow the fat to fall away, ensuring a crisper skin.

8.   Make sure you get the right amount of marinade for the dish you are cooking. Too much and the spices may not cook fully or be overpowering, too little and you won't get the full flavour. Some guidance: